It's Bout Time Beauty Supply

As we started our new life in East Texas beginning in 2008. I always found myself travelling back and forth to Dallas for hair extensions, wigs, accessories, and natural hair care products.

In the meantime, the Lord God Almighty was showing me a vision which I did not quite understand at the time. One day on my way back to Tyler I thought to myself. I am so tired of going back and forth to get what I need from the hair store in Dallas, and it was at that moment that a light bulb came on! East Texas did not have a Minority Owned Beauty Supply store that offered great customer service, or education of natural hair care products.

I learned in life to open a business that is needed and does not already exist in the community. (T.D. JAKES SOARS conference Dallas, Texas) Voila! It’s Bout Time Beauty Supply was born.

Get To Know The Owners

Michael and Tara are both Registered Respiratory Therapist in the healthcare

Tara retired early from her professional career to fulfill God’s vision. As of 2018, there was not a minority owned beauty supply store in East Texas. During retirement and before the store opening, Tara attended Beauty Supply Institute to learn how to open and operate a beauty supply store.

Michael is still on the frontlines serving and saving lives. He enjoys and takes pride in serving others, as he did in the United States Army...Airborne!